Royal Wedding wrap up

Posted On May, 03 2011

Prince William and Catherine Middleton official picture (Pic: Hugo Burnand/Clarence House/PA)


It is said that 2 billion people worldwide watched the royal wedding on Friday 29th March 2011 and I was definitely one of them.

I was completely glued to the tv, watching every move, the vows, the glances, and that gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown. I just loved it all! The pomp and cermony of it, the grand coaches, the streets lined with royalists, the marching bands, the horse & riders in full regalia, and all the excited guests waiting for a peek at the new royal.

Even though it was such a public event, we did get to see those little glances between the princess bride and her prince, just the same as any other wedding day. The little ‘ you look beautiful’ from William as Kate arrived at the alter. It just made me melt!


royal wedding

The look


royal wedding cake


This amazing 8 tiered cake was made by master cake maker Fiona Cairns and contained over 900 sugar flowers!

I love the delicate vintage glamour, the restraint in this cake. It is just beautiful.

I’m really not sure what Princess Beatrice & Eugenie were thinking with their choice of hats, but chins were wagging for all the wrong reasons!

I absolutely love the getaway car. It really showed the royals still have a sense of humour.

getaway car


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